It’s news time again but before you find out what Mark Zuckerberg ate at his wedding or how it feels to find a finger in your food, here are the California food festivals for the rest of the year, so if you’re planning to travel through the USA, why not begin in Santa Barbara, California for the California Wine Festival from 19-21  July? If wine isn’t your thing, why not go to  the Julian Apple Days instead to celebrate the fall harvest of tart apples grown in the North San Diego County mountain community;

it takes place on the 15th of October; the Oktoberfest/Apple Day celebration takes place on the 6-7 October at Menghini Winery.  The La Habra Corn Festival runs from 3-5 August and it’s huge fun – if you’re interested call 562-691-3482. I love lemons & if you also do, the festival in Chula Vista that takes place in late July to early August is huge fun so  if you’re interested, visit the website or call 619-422-1982. The Longbeach Crawfish Festival is as much about  Cajun food as it is about music & the 18th annual festival will take place on the 28-29 July & you can feast on crawfish & then dance off the calories at the barn dancing event! You don’t have much time left to get to San Diego for the I Love Poke Festival where 15 San Diego chefs will compete for the poke-making crown (poke is an Hawaiian delicacy made with raw ahi tuna that has been cut into cubes & seasoned lightly with soy sauce, limu (seaweed) and sesame oil)! The tickets are cheap at $50.00 so! Seafood lovers can look forward to the The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival & Music Weekend which takes place over a period of 3 days from the 14-16 September so give them a call at  800-282-0333. The San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival is scheduled for the 14-18 November for dinner, tastings & cooking classes features 70 restaurants & 170 wineries – no foodie should miss this one. If you like strawberries, the Strawberry Festival that takes place on the 27th of May shouldn’t be missed so take your kids for strawberry cooking, strawberry sales and costume contests and if you like garlic, don’t miss the Gilroy Garlic Festival that runs from the 17th – 29th of July and end the year on a high note.

How would you feel if you found a human finger in your food? I would probably faint!
And the price of food will continue to climb and climb and climb and maybe now’s a good time to think about it ….
The Citizen
America’s President Obama announced $3 billion in private sector pledges to help boost agriculture and food production in Africa which, I think, is the way to go; simply handing out money won’t do any good at all. There were no new American government pledges which is quite understandable in the current economic situation …
Business Week
So what does a multi-billionaire eat at his wedding? Why, budget sushi and chocolate mice, of course!
LA Times

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