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I’ve been a bit slow with the news these past few weeks but that was because I was busy with a new project, so shoot me. I’ll be in hospital for the next week or two so I’ll have plenty of time to keep you updated to make up neglecting you! As we all know, the world is is till teetering from the economic recession, forcing more and more people to eat at home and (finally) getting to grips with growing vegetables for private use even though you’re not going to save a fortune unless your family is 20 strong.

However, it changes one’s mindset and inspires families to cook and eat at home. You’ll also find that you don’t need to buy all those silly extras that you don’t use anyway. Make your pastes, your own spice mixes and your sauces – there’s no need to spend money on those things if your finances don’t allow it – you can do it yourself.

With Halloween behind us and the big feast days ahead of us, we should ask ourselves what we are teaching our children when we feed them piles and piles of sweets or use it as a reward.
Huffington Post
Are you cooking your food long enough when you cook it in your microwave? Are you sure?
If you’re beginning to plan your Thanksgiving dinner, here are some new ideas from chefs Quinn and Karen Hatfield (of Sycamore Kitchen and Hatfield’s restaurant to inspire you.
LA Times
I was thrilled to hear that McDonald’s got a slap in the face when they heard that sales at stores fell for the first time since 2003. It’s probably due to a stiff competition but I’m always hopeful that consumers realize just how bad junk food is for you.
Fox News
French food makers on Thursday are bitterly annoyed about a proposed fourfold tax increase on palm oil in food in order to steer the French into a healthier direction.
I’m astounded at the lengths fizzy drinks manufacturers will go to in order to generate sales. One of the most innovative, however, has to be PepsiCo’s new “fat-blocking” fizzy drink that contains wheat dextrin, a digestion-boosting fiber supplement. Apparently it will help you lose weight because it will keep you regular – don’t you believe it, you’ll just spend a lot more time on the loo. Since you can already buy Pepsi Cucumber, Pepsi Black and Pepsi White (they’ll start selling this in December), it was to be expected.
LA Times
The Danish government now plans on abolishing their fat tax (a tax on foods that are high in saturated fats) because it only inflated food prices and put Danish jobs at risk. Anyway, people who liked fatty foods simply popped over the border to Germany and bought it there.

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